A successful project starts with a great plan.​​
 As HART'S DESIGN I have been providing residential design services in the greater Minnesota area and throughout the country for over 25 years. My success is based on two ingredients.

First is a love for home designing. It is a great pleasure and honor to work with my clients and see their home design develop into a space that they love. I accept the responsibility with honor.

The second ingredient is the philosophy that the clients desires, needs and lifestyle combined with my creative skills and construction expertise will guide the design process. There are few absolutes in design and I recognize that my responsibility is to reflect your style and needs in the design.

I have always favored residential design over commercial.  I understand the deeply personal nature of this service when working with a client and their home.  My past general contracting work and design educational experience has given me a keen sense and understanding for both the construction methods and their related costs.

My services have grown to a national level with clients as varied as their regions. It is a great feeling when I know I have created the design that the home owner falls in love with.